Though the southside “boisterous” St. Patty’s Day parade happened last weekend, the downtown parade will take place on Saturday. They dye the river outside my window a putrid green color. Too bad this isn’t the norm. I’d like the river to change with my mood. Blue on Sundays, Yellow when brightness just can’t be contained, Red like the Russian dancer’s lips at Cabaret… But it only happens once a year, so I’ll be having a watch party of sorts on the deck. We are having brunch and green mimosas around 10ish. That’s AM fellows. Feel free to join us for the metamorphosis. There will be soda bread!

I have attached a few pictures of my last project- a cat toy. It only took an evening, and I can report that it is a huge hit with Kan. He drags it all over the living room and when he isn’t gnawing and clawing, he is often sleeping on it. This is a good project for left over yarn. The top part is stuffed with old rags, and the bottom compartment is filled with catnip. It’s refillable with a drawstring on the inside which tucks into the compartment lest it be swallowed. It’s supposed to be a giant squid if you can’t tell, and it has wooden buttons for eyes. I didn’t use a pattern, just winged it as a sort of compromise to keep him out of my yarn basket.




Though not versed in the art of public announcements or blogging affairs, I’m going to give it a shot.  This way everyone in the plains, and more global locales, can stay updated on life, generally just mine, in the city.  Writing is also a soothing, reflective practice that I sometimes would like to share.  So hello! and welcome to the world I’m attempting to cultivate.